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What’s The Top ‘Must Do’ Activity In Every Country In The World?

What’s the most popular tourist attraction in every country in the world?

Every travel source online offers ideas on the best place to visit in every country in the world. Every travel pundit purports to know the best activity in which to engage anywhere and everywhere. We here at Must Do Travels, know that we live in a diverse society.

We know that people are different. Different people like to do different things. With that in mind, we have chosen to occasionally offer the insight of other sources in order to better aid you in your travel plans.

After all, the world is a very big place. There’s quite a lot to see and it’s nigh impossible to narrow all of the options down to a truly universal bucket list of “must do’ activities. Thus, we present some helpful, interesting information from Vouchercloud.

Vouchercloud is a UK-based website that offers numerous travels deals based in part on data they cull from such opinion-focused sources as the veteran traveler rankings posted on TripAdvisor. Vouchercloud compiled multiple opinions to come up with a bucket list of the best things to do in every country in the world.

Some of the choices on the list are pretty obvious. (If you go to India, you check out the Taj Mahal.  If you go to China, you pretty much have to see the Great Wall of China.) Others are perhaps less common and yet interesting, surprising and well worth your consideration.

Hopefully, you will never be faced with being limited to only one stop when you visit any country. Nevertheless, if you do, you can consult the information presented here in this article. Bookmark this article when you plan your next trip.

That way, you will never, ever miss the most important “must do” tourist stop in a country to which you travel. You’ll never miss one museum, national park or natural wonder. Here then, are the maps on the top tourist destination in every country in the world.

Here is The World Map:


World Map/Image: Vouchercloud/TA


Here is a close-up of North and South America:

North and South America/Image: Vouchercloud


A close-up of Africa:



Here is Asia and Australia:

Asia and Austrailia/Image: Vouchercloud


A close-up of Europe:




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