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Super Discounted Airfare to the Maldives Right Now!

Ever dreamt of making a trip to far-flung coastal beauty Maldives but couldn’t because of steep airfare? Here’s the good news. Members only website DealRay had found super low fares to the luxurious tropical island paradise for as low as $526 for a round trip. The discounted fares are available on flights from New York City to Male between September and November, and are being offered by Aeroflot and Emirates.

Just to give you an idea, regular flights to Maldives cost anything above $1,500 for a round trip. As Deal Ray stated, the fares are so low that travelers may even consider making a trip to New York City to snag the offer.

With more expendable income after saving heavily on airfare, travelers are considering a stay at one of the island country’s plushest resorts.

Another offer that Maldives-struck travelers flying with Emirates can avail of is paying an extra $142 for additional return trip reservations. So you’re actually booking two full trips to the island heaven for merely $685.

If you don’t plan to return from your Maldivian sojourn, we wouldn’t really blame you. The one-way fare to Maldives is even cheaper.

Those that need further evidence of Maldives’ magnificence should put up at any of Soneva Jani’s 24 spectacular overwater villas. Yes those of the famed Maldives Instagram travel pictures.

Top must dos in Maldives include include the National Museum (located in Male, the tiny yet charming Maldivian Capital), the Friday Mosque (Male), taking paddle boarding lessons on its calm waters, enjoying a romantic sundown dinner at one of the islands, snorkeling and diving in the teal waters, enjoying a spectacular middle of the ocean view from your over water stay and pure relaxation.

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