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Must Do South America Bucket List

South America conjures up images of spectacular scenery, a variety of outdoor adventures, magnificent beaches, intriguing historical ruins, icebergs, rainforests, scrumptious food, and unmatched hospitality. Rich in culture, and steadfastly versatile, it is a bucket list favorite. Here are 20 must dos to warm the South American Traveler’s soul.

  1. Iguasa Falls, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay

Heading for a fall? Alright, well not literally but in South America you’ve not lived until you see the glorious Iguaza Falls, the planet’s largest network of 275 waterfalls spanning three countries (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay). The biggest drop plunges at a staggering 80 meters! Enjoy helicopter rides or take the lift from the Salto Floriano base (Brazil) for fantastic views.


2. Machu Picchu, Peru

This tongue twister of an attraction is the stuff a traveler’s dreams are made of. Go on a historical Inca trek as you witness the spectacular archeological ruins of this ‘once forgotten now a tourist hotspot’ city. The busiest tourist season is from June to August (peak visiting hours between 10am to 2pm).

  1. Rainbow Mountains, Peru

An Instagram regular, Rainbow Mountain is rugged, beautiful and unguarded South America at its best. If you don’t find the seven colored Cusco located mountain intriguing enough (slim chance), the region is dotted with tons of snowcapped peaks, crystal rivers, magnificent glaciers and beautiful local villages. Several Cusco travel companies organize day treks to Rainbow Mountains.

  1. Corcovado, Brazil

One of Brazil’s most iconic sights, the Corcavado Mountain stands bang in the middle of Rio, graced by the famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue and a striking viewing platform that awards sweeping views of downtown Rio and other adjoining natural attractions (mountains and beaches). Go on a sunny day to enjoy the best vistas.

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