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Visit Turks & Caicos “Puppy Island” To Adopt a Doggy

Your idea of heaven? Puppies, tropical cocktails and an azure-blue water setting? Not a distant dream anymore as we snoop around and find a slice of puppy heaven right here on earth.

An island brimming with puppies (Providenciales in Turks & Caicos) is waiting to welcome you. It houses a sizeable collection of rescued canines waiting to make their way into loving and caring homes. You can go walking with them, play around a bit with them and even adopt them. Sounds good? Read on.

Potcake Place charity has been involved in rescuing these adorable creatures since the last 12 years, since the island didn’t have a shelter home. The canines began suffering from starvation and other health issues. The Potcake breed is an amalgam of Labrador Retriver, English Fox Terriers and German Shepherd. They are capable of growing until 45-50 pounds.

Annually, approximately 500 dogs are adopted form the island, with about 50-70 rescues/year.

Interested in adopting them already? There are some conditions. For starters, you have to be a minimum of 25 years old to qualify for adopting the potcake puppies. Also, they require you to understand that adopting puppies is not an impulse decision. The entire family must be prepared commit to a 10-15 year relationship with these adorable creatures, as their website explicitly states.

You can start by filling Potcake Place’s puppy adoption application form, and one of the representatives will get in touch with you for further details.

The way it works is – once your application is approved and a canine is chosen, Potcake Place assists you with everything you need to ensure that the transition for both (you and the pup) is safe and effortless. All dogs come with a comprehensive medical record kit, which also has their vaccination shots schedule and other health related facts, along with a Vet’s certificate. 

Apprehensive about long-drawn airline paperwork? They’ve got that sorted too. You get a complete supplies kit that will assist you with the required airline paperwork.

Though the adoption doesn’t have a charged involved, they do require a donation for covering mandatory expenses. Even if you cannot get a pup home, Potcake Place encourages you to visit the island and play around with these creatures or make a donation for their well-being.

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