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How Did Pigs Die at Piggy Beach in Bahamas?

A popular tourist destination in Exuma, Bahamas has come into the spotlight after eight swimming pigs were found dead at the Exuma Pig Beach, where the animals have lived for the last 30 years. The rumors went wild on social media. Everything from people poisoning the pigs, to the pigs eating too much sand, to tourist feeding the pigs alcohol.

According to the official report from the Bahamian government initially speculated the pigs died from food poisoning, forcing the government to put a stop to tourists feeding the pigs. However after the autopsy reports came out, the Bahamian government reported they found the pigs to have died from too much sand in their stomach.

“We had the government vet in there [and] examined them all thoroughly,” Wayde Nixon told the Nassau Guardian. Seven or eight pigs died, he said, leaving about 15 alive. The ones that survived appeared to be healthy.

For those of you expecting to visit the swimming pigs of Exuma, please be advised to treat the animals with care, not feeding these friendly animals with a large appetite anything that could potentially harm them, such as alcohol or other intoxicants.

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