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Paradise Found On These 5 Must Do Beach Destinations

Must Do Beach Destinations

Here are 5 Sweet, Sandy Must Do Beach Destinations

Other than maybe Mr. Rourke and Tattoo, everyone has a tropical island fantasy. Make that daydream REAL by enjoying one of these insanely great destinations! (It’s okay to hum David Lee Roth’s “Just Like Paradise” or Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” while you read about these 5 Must Do Beach Destinations:

Costa Rica Beach

Salinas Bay | Costa Rica

Salinas Bay is regarded by some as a nature lovers paradise. Not only is it situated on a picturesque beach, but there are many nature preserves located nearby that are easily accessible to tourists. Bird Watchers flock here to observe the more than 250 bird species that live in the nearby ecosystems. You can also quickly get to the border with Nicaragua from here, so if you are looking to check two places off your bucket list, Salinas Bay may be a good destination.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen | Mexico

Playa del Carmen may not have made its way into the lyrics of a popular Beach Boys song, but it certainly is a romantic place that you could take your partner to. Resorts here offer ample value for the money, and the surrounding landscape is awe inspiring to just about any traveler. If this is your first time to Mexico, this is a great place to experience it first-hand. If you are a seasoned traveler South of the Border, this place should already be on your list of places to go.

Benamaldena Spain

Benamaldena | Spain

Not far inland from the Straight of Gibraltar you will find the quaint Mediterranean coastal town of Benamaldena, Spain. The town has a long history dating back thousands of years, and some of the local buildings and castles still standing today date back many centuries in age. Being so close to the pivotal entrance to the Mediterranean, this small town has been a key location for empires to hold in the past. No longer needing to defend itself against raiding pirates and invading armadas, Benamaldena greats its guests with open arms, and hospitality.

Costa Rica Waterfall

Jaco | Costa Rica

It’s a jungle out there, almost literally. Even though Jaco, Costa Rica is situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, it is a very tropic climate. Whether you call it a jungle or a rain forest, there’s probably only a fine line that separates the two. Here the ocean hits a short and sweet sandy beach, and then the landscape goes straight to green. If waterfalls, rainbows, and maybe even a volcano are part of your idea of paradise, consider it found in Jaco.

San Juan Street

San Juan | Puerto Rico

If these other places on the list are giving you regrets about not having a US Passport, then Puerto Rico should be on your radar. San Juan is a bustling coastal town with lots of vibrant Latin culture. The best part is that you can fly there without a passport, because it’s a US Territory. San Juan is known for being on the hot spots for nightlife and entertainment in the Caribbean. The town is packed with plenty of live music, bars to hop around, and world-class cuisine. Or if you prefer, just dine at one of the local dives like a local and experience what food in Puerto Rico is really all about.


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