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Must Do South America Bucket List 4

  1. La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is mystical, quirky and bohemian, especially the Witches Market that certainly isn’t for the faint hearted and easily offended. It features among other weird things, an assortment of dried frogs, herbal medicinal plants and a selection of ‘magic’ potions peddled by native witch doctors. Pick up items such as Andean rugs, hand-woven purses and inexpensive, locally created guitars.

  1. Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

The planet’s highest accessible lake traverses through two countries, while offering stunning sunset vistas from both. While Copacabana on the Bolivian side is set on the lake in the midst of lush rolling hills, Peru features the magical Uros Islands. The sunsets are best savored at a lakeside bar sipping on a pisco sour.

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  1. The Sacred Valley, Peru

Tucked into the foothills of Rio Uruamba Valley, the Sacred Valley (El Valle Sagrado) is accessible through a narrow road (complete with dramatic turns) 15 kilometers from Cuzco. The ultimate travel potpourri, it features secluded weaving hamlets, splendid colonial towns, imposing Inca citadels and local markets. Sacred Valley boasts of innumerable trekking routes (in addition to other adrenaline soaring activities) sprinkled with Inca sites.

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  1. Atacama Desert, Chile

Juxtaposed between the Andes and the dramatic Pacific, this incredible piece of landscape is an ode to South America’s breathtaking natural beauty. Rush-shade ravines, jagged ranges and vast stretches of salt pans, topped with volcanic horizons make-up its unique topography. Spread across a 1000 kilometer land strip, a little known fact about Atacama is that it is one of the few places on earth that features more than 300 days of clear skies.

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