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Exotic Foods From Around The World That Will Make Your Toes Curl

 Note: While the following material is SFW (Safe For Work).  These exotic foods may not be SFYA (Safe For Your Appetite).

Tired of the usual fare when it comes to meals? Looking to enjoy something more exotic after that airline meal? Well, we have some weird exotic food from across the globe that will either forever fulfill your craving for something new or at maybe even make you miss (ahem) “plane” food. So without further adieu, we ring the dinner bell as you are seated to enjoy exotic foods from around the world.


Balut is actually a developing duck embryo that has been boiled alive. It is eaten from the shell. It is a common dish in Southeast Asia, especially in Laos and Vietnam. This exotic edible is traditionally served with beer. The Vietnamese have a popular belief about balut. They claim that these particular eggs are not only nutritious but also restorative. They are said to be especially good for women who are pregnant or delivering a baby.

A leggy treat known as fried tarantula/Image: Wikimedia Commons:

Fried Tarantula

Fried tarantula is a popular regional delicacy in the Kingdom of Cambodia in the town of Skuon 47 miles from the Cambodian capital. The fried spiders are sold as a specialty snack. Seasoned with chili, garlic, and salt, the leggy treat is popular with visiting tourists. Veteran travelers claim they have a taste similar to a mixture of cod and chicken.

exotic foods
The controversial dish monkey brains/Image: Wikipedia

Monkey Brains

Monkey brains are one of the most controversial exotic foods here.  That is mainly because the dish consists, in part, of the brain of some type of monkey or even ape. The dish sometimes contains raw brains and are traditionally taken out of a living monkey. While generally unverified (and often mimicked using other ingredients) monkey brains are said to be enjoyed in China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Rocky Mountain Oysters/Image: Wikipedia

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Denver, Colorado‘s Rocky Mountain oysters are also known as “prairie oysters” in Canada,  They are an odd appetizer made of either sheep, pig or bull testicles.  In North America, they are generally peeled, coated in flour, seasoned with salt and pepper and deep-fried. Sometimes they are pounded flat prior to frying. They are often served with a cocktail sauce dip.

. . . and wash it all down with . . .

SPWImage: WordPress/G&P

Snake Penis Wine

Snake penis wine originally started as a homemade alcoholic beverage made from the venomous Chinese krait snake. Each bottle traditionally contains a snake that can (rarely) survive inside for months. There have even been a few reports of the snakes living long enough to bite people hoping to sample the drink.  This Asian drink is especially popular in Vietnam and China where the snake is believed to have health properties.

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