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Dine With Raccoons At Blind Alley Cafe In Korea

There’s actually a place in Korea where you can dine with Raccoons at your table. The quirky place is called Blind Alley Cafe, and it is becoming quite the tourist spot.

Blind Alley CafeOriginally Blind Alley Cafe was just an ordinary cafe in South Korea, until one day its owner decided to start bringing in their pet raccoons into the store. It started off with just a couple raccoons, but the crowds quickly started to form. Little by little more raccoons have been added to the cafe’s population, as well as adorable dogs to keep the rascally raccoons company.

Here, guests can have a cup of coffee or a snack along side some of the cuddliest and kindest little bandits. The raccoons are known for keeping good company, and chilling on chairs and laps. A few of them have even mastered some basic tricks to attract those people handing out treats. You can usually tell who does the best tricks by how much extra weight they carry around on their bellies.

As a word of caution to those who visit, raccoons have earned their bandit masks, and are well known for trying to take things from your bags and pockets. Their little hands can grab things similarly to a human, and they will try chewing just about anything.

The price to get in is cheap, just buy a beverage at standard price. Most other cafes, like the famous cat cafes, charge a premium admission just to enter so Blind Alley Cafe is a relative bargain. Plus, how many times in your life have you had a chance to play with a tame raccoon before?

Blind Alley Raccoon