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Cure Island Fever With These 11 Must Do Destinations

Look, Island Fever is real, but don’t panic … your vacation doctor, Must Do Travels has the cure! Now let’s try to determine how bad you are suffering … If you’re given to bouts of, “I missed out on my tropical escape,” or “I can’t afford glimmering sands and turquoise reefs,” or have even been touched by the, “Tiki Huts Elude Me Virus,” let the doctor us give you a dose of what you’ve been missing.

That’s right, it’s time to serve your yearning to sip coconut nectar, appease your sand-needy toes, and quell your frowned-upon-at-the-office urge to face-plant into a hammock.

Just follow these simple dosing requirements: Choose one of the magnificent escapes below, book it, and enjoy. Oh, and feel free to try as many of these spots as you like – as needed, of course:

Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands – Whether it’s relaxation, delectable cuisine, exciting nightlife or unlimited access to vibrant coral reefs that you long for, you will have it all in the Caymans. Yes, there are plenty of frosty coconut drinks, gentle rippling waves, and hammocks too!


Jamaica – Calypso drums and reggae riffs, floating on balmy tropical breezes set the tone for this unique Island escape. Spirituality, good vibes, and one-of-a-kind fare make Jamaica the ideal place to rejuvenate and experience the present. Oh, and don’t panic if they offer to serve you “Jerk,” it’s just an original, local sauce – not a threat.

Turks Caicos

Turks & Caicos – When you imagine perfect little islands with green palm trees, bright white sands, and clear, turquoise water, your mind was visiting Turks & Caicos. And, as you know, your mind is pretty darn important. We recommend you don’t upset it, needlessly. Take the trip, you will thank your mind later.

Port au Prince

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Well, for starters, it has “Port” and “Prince” in its name. Those alone should be reasons enough to book. But if you’re still not convinced, consider a rich Caribbean history, museums, natural wonders, forts, parks, and culture brimming with originality. Oh and then there’s those pristine beaches, magical Island vibes, and those unforgettable experience things too … You know, If that’s what you’re into.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Glistening beaches lined with coconut-bearing palms, Punta Cana is most often described with words like “resplendent, surreal, heavenly, breathtaking.” Are you beginning to get the picture? Nice as it may seem, the real thing is even better. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200 … Straight to Punta Cana with you!

San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico –  You’re in the Caribbean … You’re in America! It’s like visiting Hawaii in the Atlantic with smaller waves and better food. If you haven’t been to this amazing U.S. Territory, your time has come. Book your trip and leave that passport behind. Where you are headed there are no worries, there is no stress … just ahhhhhh.

St Thomas

St. Thomas, USVI –When Eddie Money said he had, “two tickets to paradise …” chances are he meant St. Thomas. Thirty-two square miles of paradise to be exact. Since you can only compromise utter perfection with words, you’d better just go and experience this majestic tropical gift for yourself.

St Maarten

St Maarten (All), Netherlands Antilles – Who says the Netherlands is all swords and fjords? Okay, probably no one … Nevertheless, if you yearn to see the charming confluence of raw island passion and European sophistication – you’ll feel you’ve drifted into a dream. Well, except that you really haven’t because it’s St. Marteen and the other people there are real, too. (Just don’t want you to do anything strange, thinking you’re dreaming.)


Barbados – The weather in Barbados today is High 86F and Low 79F. That’s also the weather tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day (we’re not kidding) … In other words, Barbados is so perfect that it would make The Most Interesting Man In The World, insecure. Better cross this one off your bucket list. It’s Just. That. Good.


Curacao – If someone told you they had visited a place more beautiful, colorful, or visually remarkable than Curaco, they are either lying or an alien. This is the place where the anonymous writer, coined the phrase, “There are simply no words to describe …” If there was a Final Jeopardy answer that read “Curaco” and the question you wrote was “What is the best place ever?” You would win.


Aruba – The ultimate “uncharted desert isle” where you can escape into the spirit of the moment. Well, except for the fact that it’s charted. Quite simply, it is a place of no flaws. Go to Aruba. Just go. It is the only place on Earth that people in heaven ask to visit.