Received: Route 66 Kicks

Cliches Be Damned … Here are some worthy spots and landmarks from just part of the United States’ favorite retro roadway. Who hasn’t wanted to cruise an old Thunderbird down Route 66? And you know what? Pretty much all of us have the same reason – It’s awesome. This perfectly preserved causeway through pristine Americana has been crooned about by everyone […]

The Top 10 Food Cities in the U.S.

Must Do Travels official list of top ten food cities in the United States for 2017 (and at least until we decide to do another list). We definitely believe in lists to make your life easier, but we’re not so concerned with their order. It would be impossible to fairly rank these, so if you’re a foodie, just try to […]

Worlds #1 Largest Cave – Son Doong

The Curious Discovery of Son Doong – the World’s (and Vietnam’s) Biggest Cave To enter the magnificent Son Doong, is to change your life forever. To spend any appreciable time within its boundless caverns and self-contained, self-supporting aquatic and jungleland eco-systems, is to experience something so dramatic and so beyond-the-realm of the imaginable, is to completely fail to comprehend how […]

Mazatlan is Getting Hotter!

When things cool off in the Continental U.S., Mazatlan really heats up. Can you handle it? Why Mazatlan Mazatlán, the “Pearl of the Pacific,” boasts Mexico’s largest stretch of accessible beach – 12 miles worth– end to end. And it’s more than just beaches. Tourists can venture endlessly into surrounding ecological island preserves just beyond the coast. Anyone who visits […]

6 Domestic Anniversary Escapes to Make This Year’s Celebration, EPIC!

More Ooo-la-la for Less Moo-la-la Whether you’re thinking long-weekend or week-long escape, Must Do Travels will show you the very best destinations to create moments that wax eternal. Just peruse, then choose … we’ll take care of the rest. Napa Valley | California Picture yourself biking through the vineyards together, stopping at the various wineries along your way. Take a […]

Top “13” Most Haunted U.S. Hotels

(Okay, so 1 in London makes 14, but 13 is spookier.) ? What’sa Matta? U Scurrd? Attention ghost busters and wobbly-kneed chickens, alike. Behold! Here’s your access to the haunted list of lists. Enter at your own risk … Muuuuahahahahaha! Stanley Hotel | Estes Park, Colorado Haunted events have been recorded at the Stanley Hotel since 1911. It was then […]

Traveling Freestyle On The Open Roads Of America

I love decadent resorts. And if you know me, I feel the same about lavish cruises … In fact, I daresay they can be run-of-the-mill and I’ll STILL find ample reasons to like them. To me, travel is one of the greatest gifts of life. Something as simple as changing one’s geography, view and perspective can sow the seeds of […]

Visit Turks & Caicos “Puppy Island” To Adopt a Doggy

Your idea of heaven? Puppies, tropical cocktails and an azure-blue water setting? Not a distant dream anymore as we snoop around and find a slice of puppy heaven right here on earth. An island brimming with puppies (Providenciales in Turks & Caicos) is waiting to welcome you. It houses a sizeable collection of rescued canines waiting to make their way […]