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4 Genius Ideas on How to Travel Better

Okay. We’re just going to come clean and let you know that we have one of our OWN services listed below. But, in our defense, it SHOULD be listed here. Why? Because if you take our advice...

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Received: Route 66 Kicks

Cliches Be Damned … Here are some worthy spots and landmarks from just part of the United States’ favorite retro roadway. Who hasn’t wanted to cruise an old Thunderbird...

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50.9 Million Traveling for Thanksgiving 2017

Planes, Trains & Automobiles Will Be in High Demand this Thanksgiving Our good friends at AAA have projected a healthy 50.9 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving this year. ...

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10 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects That Are Reshaping The World 2

Night in Shanghai, night in Shanghai, you are a city that never sleeps–Zhou Xuan, “Shanghai Nights”, (1949) Since 1949, China has gone through significant changes.   As discussed...

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