10 Surprising Must Do American Ski Mountains

We don’t need to mention the hills with all the publicity. But, if you are less about “brand name” ski towns, here’s a list that could change your approach to ski trips. We call it 7 Lesser Known Must Do American Ski Mountains. Oh, and remember U.S. residents, Canada and South America are also considered ‘America’ – because, yes, there […]

Mazatlan is Getting Hotter!

When things cool off in the Continental U.S., Mazatlan really heats up. Can you handle it? Why Mazatlan Mazatlán, the “Pearl of the Pacific,” boasts Mexico’s largest stretch of accessible beach – 12 miles worth– end to end. And it’s more than just beaches. Tourists can venture endlessly into surrounding ecological island preserves just beyond the coast. Anyone who visits […]

12 Amazing Must Do Ziplines Around the World

If you love a good adrenaline rush brought on by high –flying, suspended in the air and gravity defying thrills, zip lining is a must try adventure. Team Must Do Travels is at it again – bringing you the world’s best zip lines. 12. Arenal Park (El Castillo, Costa Rica) Set amidst the planet’s most active volcano until a few […]