10 Surprising Must Do American Ski Mountains

We don’t need to mention the hills with all the publicity. But, if you are less about “brand name” ski towns, here’s a list that could change your approach to ski trips. We call it 7 Lesser Known Must Do American Ski Mountains. Oh, and remember U.S. residents, Canada and South America are also considered ‘America’ – because, yes, there […]

Mazatlan is Getting Hotter!

When things cool off in the Continental U.S., Mazatlan really heats up. Can you handle it? Why Mazatlan Mazatlán, the “Pearl of the Pacific,” boasts Mexico’s largest stretch of accessible beach – 12 miles worth– end to end. And it’s more than just beaches. Tourists can venture endlessly into surrounding ecological island preserves just beyond the coast. Anyone who visits […]

Enjoy A Hot Spring Infinity Pool Overlooking Mexican Mountains

Blue water Swimming in pools around you Blue water–Adrian Belew, “Beautiful” (1983) What Is An Infinity Pool? For those not in the know, an infinity pool is simply a type of swimming pool.  More specifically, it is a swimming pool positioned in a way that appears to merge into the ocean, the surrounding landscape or even the sky.  This one […]

Admission Is Free To Canada’s National Parks In 2017

We’re the second largest country on this planet earth And if Russia keeps on shrinking then soon we’ll be First–Arrogant Worms, “Canada’s Really Big” (1997) This year marks the 150th year of Canadian Confederation.  To commemorate the event, Parks Canada is offering free admission to all of their historic sites, marine conservation areas and national parks this year.  For those […]

Shimao Hotel Built Into Quarry Has Underground Aquarium And More

I’m staying in the hotel, not the motel or the holi-day inn–Cassidy, “Hotel” (2003) Tourists oft’times find the architecture of China to be both full of character and quite interesting to investigate.  This new hotel project though takes things yet one step further. The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Indeed, The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental also known to some as the Intercontinental Shimao, […]

The Scoop on Flamingo Beach in Aruba

Aruba, Jamaica ooh I wanna take ya —Beach Boys (1988) Does a romantic getaway on a private island sound good to you?  You’re not alone.  In fact, the people at Renaissance Island in Aruba already know it.    Renaissance Island Renaissance Island is owned by the four-star-rated Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in Oranjestad.   Guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort […]

Underwater Hotels of the World

There are some amazing adventures to be had in the underwater hotels of the world. If you are an avid ocean lover, or are simply looking at a relaxing getaway with breathtaking views, there is no better place to stay. Not only do these hotels have some of the most unique views in the world, but they have also prove […]