10 Surprising Must Do American Ski Mountains

We don’t need to mention the hills with all the publicity. But, if you are less about “brand name” ski towns, here’s a list that could change your approach to ski trips. We call it 7 Lesser Known Must Do American Ski Mountains. Oh, and remember U.S. residents, Canada and South America are also considered ‘America’ – because, yes, there […]

Paradise Found On These 5 Must Do Beach Destinations

Here are 5 Sweet, Sandy Must Do Beach Destinations Other than maybe Mr. Rourke and Tattoo, everyone has a tropical island fantasy. Make that daydream REAL by enjoying one of these insanely great destinations! (It’s okay to hum David Lee Roth’s “Just Like Paradise” or Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” while you read about these 5 Must Do Beach […]

10 Instagrammable Must Do Vacation Spots

The world is full of majestic places, and so many of them beckon to have their picture taken (though we typically prefer a video). These 10 Must Do Vacation Spots top the list of most Instagrammable destinations around the world. Sure, there are some wonders that did not make the list, and the runner-up section could take on a few […]

What’s The Top ‘Must Do’ Activity In Every Country In The World?

What’s the most popular tourist attraction in every country in the world? Every travel source online offers ideas on the best place to visit in every country in the world. Every travel pundit purports to know the best activity in which to engage anywhere and everywhere. We here at Must Do Travels, know that we live in a diverse society. […]

Student Obsessed With Aliens Vanishes, Leaves Behind Coded Books

We meet aliens every day who have something to give us. They come in the form of people with different opinions—William Shatner, actor Bruno Borges, 24, a student obsessed with aliens, has reportedly vanished while putting together a secret X-File all his own. The Brazilian disappeared from his Rio Branco home on March 27. According to the Mirror, his bedroom […]

Weird Places Around The World: The Hand in the Desert

Are you tired of the usual tourist stops?  Are you looking for something strange or unusual to add that special something to your vacation plans?  Then this is the place for you. .The Hand in the Desert. The Hand in the Desert Chile The Hand in the Desert or Mano del Desierto is what some refer to as an “Instagram […]

Must Do South America Bucket List

South America conjures up images of spectacular scenery, a variety of outdoor adventures, magnificent beaches, intriguing historical ruins, icebergs, rainforests, scrumptious food, and unmatched hospitality. Rich in culture, and steadfastly versatile, it is a bucket list favorite. Here are 20 must dos to warm the South American Traveler’s soul. Iguasa Falls, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay Heading for a fall? Alright, […]