10 Must Do Super-Weird Festivals From Around the World

Great events can be found just about everywhere. There are probably a few that you look forward to, just a few miles from your home. Then, there are these. Ten of the strangest, craziest, wildest and super fun events you can experience. So, here they are … the crème de la crème of super-weird festivals from around the world (in […]

10 Instagrammable Must Do Vacation Spots

The world is full of majestic places, and so many of them beckon to have their picture taken (though we typically prefer a video). These 10 Must Do Vacation Spots top the list of most Instagrammable destinations around the world. Sure, there are some wonders that did not make the list, and the runner-up section could take on a few […]

Go Inside The World’s Biggest Water Park

Just when you thought the water park couldn’t get no wetter–Jason Derulo, “That’s My Shhh” (2011) It’s freezing outside.  Ah, but inside the biggest water park in the world, it’s wet and warm.  It’s fun. When you think of water parks, you might think of San Dimas, California.  You might think of someplace in Florida.  You would not, however, immediately […]