4 Affordable Escapes to Melt Away Holiday Second Helpings

Nobody has enough will power to completely resist holiday temptations. And despite those forthcoming New Years resolutions to reignite ones passion for exercise … watch out! The January 2, 2018 “gymscape” looks more like a can full of FAT sardines. That’s why we are recommending something different, and effective. Take a few days to recharge, revitalize, cleanse and cardiocize – […]

6 Reasons to Head to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic RIGHT NOW

The Dominican Republic sits at the pivotal point where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea. And at its heart you’ll find Punta Cana, the ultimate iteration of paradise in this hemisphere. What makes it so ideal? This is the tropical beach utopia that truly qualifies for the cliché “truly has it all.” Beginning with far and away the best airport, […]

5 Reasons Why Cruising Is The Perfect Multi-Generational Family Vacation

Never have we seen a time more centered around sharing than now. What’s more, this sharing culture has done wonders to bring families closer together. But social media is only the beginning. Among today’s better-connected families, we see a growing desire to create shared memories. And if what we say is true, then what’s the best way to do it? […]

Paradise Found On These 5 Must Do Beach Destinations

Here are 5 Sweet, Sandy Must Do Beach Destinations Other than maybe Mr. Rourke and Tattoo, everyone has a tropical island fantasy. Make that daydream REAL by enjoying one of these insanely great destinations! (It’s okay to hum David Lee Roth’s “Just Like Paradise” or Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” while you read about these 5 Must Do Beach […]

Cure Island Fever With These 11 Must Do Destinations

Look, Island Fever is real, but don’t panic … your vacation doctor, Must Do Travels has the cure! Now let’s try to determine how bad you are suffering … If you’re given to bouts of, “I missed out on my tropical escape,” or “I can’t afford glimmering sands and turquoise reefs,” or have even been touched by the, “Tiki Huts […]

3 Must Do Underrated Cruise Destinations

There’s nothing like a cruise vacation to satisfy your wanderlust. And with cruises trending in popularity, new routes and adventures are being added all the time. In other words, this isn’t your grandparents’ ocean anymore. Here are some of best, but lesser known cruise destinations that you absolutely MUST check out: Ajaccio (Palais Fesch) Ajaccio is a city that on […]

Rent a Private Island in Belize Coast for Under $500

Dreamt of renting your own gorgeous and languid private island? Well, you’re in for luck. You can now rent one on Airbnb.  Bird Island, a stunning atoll off the Placentia, Belize banks comes at a cool price tag of $495 a night, with a minimum three-night stay criterion.  Gather a group of friends or host an enjoyable family gathering by […]