Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 – A Serious MUST DO in Japan

Hanami – a Festival of Beauty In Japan, the act of cherry blossom viewing is so common and extraordinary, it has its own name. The people call it Hanami. For a short week or two each year, the sakura trees blossom and transform Japan. You feel as though you’re walking through a dream of breathtaking pink. If you have an […]

10 Greatest Travel-Related Images from 2017 Epson International Pano Awards

Each year, professional and amateur photographers from across the globe submit their very best images in multiple categories. This year, over 5000 photos were submitted by contestants spanning 71 different countries – the largest number ever. Here are the top ten travel-related images from the 2017 Epson International Pano Awards. Good Morning Damian Shan This photo was the overall winner […]

Scrumptious Chicken Dishes to Serve as Your Guide Around the World

Most people would love to tour the world. And, most people love really good chicken dishes. See where we are going here? Why not combine these two great loves and tour the world based on really scrumptious chicken dishes? Well, if you did, it could look a bit like this (now grab a chicken bib and let’s go!): India Interesting […]

Another 10 Must Do Super-Weird Festivals from Around the World

So, yeah, we only did half of these festivals yesterday. But you have to admit it was almost too much fun. So, here they are in no particular order. Another ten must do super-weird festivals from around the world. Mud Festival – South Korea (July) Boryeong is a beautiful South Korean town. It also plays host to the world’s muddiest […]

10 Must Do Super-Weird Festivals From Around the World

Great events can be found just about everywhere. There are probably a few that you look forward to, just a few miles from your home. Then, there are these. Ten of the strangest, craziest, wildest and super fun events you can experience. So, here they are … the crème de la crème of super-weird festivals from around the world (in […]

Worlds #1 Largest Cave – Son Doong

The Curious Discovery of Son Doong – the World’s (and Vietnam’s) Biggest Cave To enter the magnificent Son Doong, is to change your life forever. To spend any appreciable time within its boundless caverns and self-contained, self-supporting aquatic and jungleland eco-systems, is to experience something so dramatic and so beyond-the-realm of the imaginable, is to completely fail to comprehend how […]

8 Affordable Must Do Destinations Around The World

The twenties are the best times for traveling. We are young and broke at this ripe age. Most importantly, we are more than willing to spend a night in a cheap hotel, take the cheapest flights, and survive off of hostel breakfasts and dinner. Our budgets may be low but that doesn’t have to stop us. So, we have compiled […]

Must Do Macau – China’s Larger Than Life Boomtown

Macau Isn’t Exactly A Secret, But It Definitely Deserves More Attention Than It Gets Macau is one of those odd places in China, whose modern history is peppered with stories from the Golden Age of Sail. Much like its close neighbor Hong Kong, Macau was a separately controlled province on the Chinese mainland. Unlike Hong Kong, which was controlled by […]