Mazatlan is Getting Hotter!

When things cool off in the Continental U.S., Mazatlan really heats up. Can you handle it? Why Mazatlan Mazatlán, the “Pearl of the Pacific,” boasts Mexico’s largest stretch of accessible beach – 12 miles worth– end to end. And it’s more than just beaches. Tourists can venture endlessly into surrounding ecological island preserves just beyond the coast. Anyone who visits […]

Dine With Raccoons At Blind Alley Cafe In Korea

There’s actually a place in Korea where you can dine with Raccoons at your table. The quirky place is called Blind Alley Cafe, and it is becoming quite the tourist spot. Originally Blind Alley Cafe was just an ordinary cafe in South Korea, until one day its owner decided to start bringing in their pet raccoons into the store. It […]

Visit Turks & Caicos “Puppy Island” To Adopt a Doggy

Your idea of heaven? Puppies, tropical cocktails and an azure-blue water setting? Not a distant dream anymore as we snoop around and find a slice of puppy heaven right here on earth. An island brimming with puppies (Providenciales in Turks & Caicos) is waiting to welcome you. It houses a sizeable collection of rescued canines waiting to make their way […]

Pinkie The Dolphin Stands Out Along Louisiana’s Coast Line

To say that “Pinkie” the Dolphin stands out among others in the Louisiana bayou is an understatement. This beauty is just as friendly and photogenic as others, but the pink color makes her a true icon. Researchers have indicated that Pinky is an albino dolphin and that is evident by her red eyes. Only 15 pink dolphins have been spotted […]

Weird Places Around The World: Giraffe Manor

Giraffes! Giraffes! –“Saturday Night Live”, “Giraffes!” (2008) Are you tired of the usual tourist stops? Are you looking for something strange or unusual to add that special something to your vacation plans? Then this is the place for you . . . Giraffe Manor. Giraffe Manor Kenya Giraffe Manor is a specialized hotel. It’s located in the Lang’ata suburb of Nairobi, […]

Watch The Moment A Diver Encounters A Giant Squid

This is the moment a giant squid made a surprise appearance in Toyama Bay, located in central Japan. This rare sighting is exciting for many as giant squids are usually only seen in deep waters. This particular squid was about 12 feet in length, however it is believed these squid can grow many times larger than this. The owner of […]