50.9 Million Traveling for Thanksgiving 2017

Planes, Trains & Automobiles Will Be in High Demand this Thanksgiving Our good friends at AAA have projected a healthy 50.9 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving this year.  Is that a big deal? Well, it would mean an 3.3 percent increase from 2016 and the highest number since 2005. While most of the travel will take place in automobiles […]

Travel News Ticker: “Bleisure.” It’s a thing.

According to our good friends over at Expedia, it seems that there are a good many Americans who are combining business travel with leisure, or Bleisure. Not quite a shocker, we suppose. And now that Brangelina is a thing of the past, I guess you could call the newest iteration of this trendy naming convention a true, Must Do. Why […]

Super Discounted Airfare to the Maldives Right Now!

Ever dreamt of making a trip to far-flung coastal beauty Maldives but couldn’t because of steep airfare? Here’s the good news. Members only website DealRay had found super low fares to the luxurious tropical island paradise for as low as $526 for a round trip. The discounted fares are available on flights from New York City to Male between September […]

10 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects That Are Reshaping The World 2

Night in Shanghai, night in Shanghai, you are a city that never sleeps–Zhou Xuan, “Shanghai Nights”, (1949) Since 1949, China has gone through significant changes.   As discussed in the first piece, China is going through some major changes.  Over the next several years, the Chinese will relocate almost 250 million citizens — the equivalent of Indonesia’s total population — […]

$21,000 First Class Airplane Seat!

When Emirates Airlines decided to upgrade YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat from Business Class to First class, they got some amazing publicity. Since being uploaded in September, the video has now received over 35,000,000 views. In the video, Casey tries out all the bells and whistles including, the touch screen TV, Personal Bar, Amenities Kit, Caviar, shower and Free Pajamas.