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The Best 7 Language Learning Apps To Use Abroad

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In an earlier article, we discussed the importance of being able to communicate with the locals when one travels to foreign countries. It’s not only convenient it’s also one of the best ways to get more into the country’s culture. Even knowing a few key words and phrases can make a big difference in your travels.

“Speak My Language”

Of course, if you plan on visiting multiple countries in one trip, it might be nigh impossible to learn all of the local languages. After all, in Asia, for example, they speak over 2,100 different languages. Ah, but fret not, dear reader.

If you have a smartphone, you’ll be fine. After all, there’s a phone app for everything, right? Indeed, here are some of the best language learning traveling apps that will help you learn as you go.


Free and Paid
Babbel is a popular learning app. It reportedly makes learning a new language fun by making it into a game.  Native speakers say the words to help you with pronunciation.

You can get the free or paid version. The free version provides you with 40 classes. Classes are available in 13 languages including Dutch, French, German and Italian. You can also subscribe for between $6.95 and $12.95 per month.


Free and Paid
Busuu is a social network app you can use to learn languages. You can connect with native speakers of numerous languages. The app also offers courses in 12 languages that use a visual, game-like approach to learning. The app uses detailed tasks and a short travel course.


You can use Duolingo to learn more than 23 major languages.It is reportedly especially helpful when you are learning one of the classic languages such as French or German. You can even learn languages such as Swahili, Norwegian, and Klingon.

(How to) Pronounce

This app specializes in pronunciation. You will learn the correct pronunciation of common, everyday words and phrases. It is available in several different languages including French, German and Spanish.



Memrise is an app that can help you expand your vocabulary in a brief period of time. It basically centers around the use of memes. You can use this to not only create your own memes but to take classes in almost any major language in the world. In fact, just for fun, you can even learn languages created by active community members if you wish.


Free and Paid

MosaLingua can help you learn up to five different languages. It works like hi-tech flashcards. It teaches to multiple senses. You can use it for five days free of charge. After that, you must pay to fully unlock it.


App experts say that if you are an international traveler then TripLingo is one of the best apps for you. You can use it to learn essential phrases, instantly translate phrases and more. The app features culture notes, an interactive phrasebook, tip calculator and even a voice translator. It even includes such safety tools as the emergency help numbers in other countries and where to get help locally in case of food allergies.

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