A Beginner’s Guide To Cruising

Keep these 2 things in mind when you are new to cruising!

If you read too much online, you may stumble upon conflicting information. That said, cruises are designed to be relaxing and low stress, so take comfort in the fact that cruising is far less complicated than you might think. Here are a few things to think about when you are heading off to an incredible journey at sea”

Ovation of the Seas

Get Back to the Ship on Time!

On every cruise, there will be hundreds or thousands of people like you who want to have a good time and, in order to stay on schedule, it is important that everyone respects their fellow cruisers. So, DON’T BE LATE BACK TO THE SHIP. I know you wouldn’t dream of it, but sometimes you get engrossed on your journey’s on short. Check your watch/phone to be sure you do not get left behind.

Beginners Guide To Cruising

Prepare for Additional Expenses

Even if the Cruise is all-inclusive, that may or may not include alcoholic beverages. They typically cost what you might expect at a nice resort or restaurant so, be prepared. The same is also true for excursions. Take the time to identify what you want to do, and what the cost per person is. If you are prepared and know what to expect, there will be no surprises or stress.

Those two things seem simple, but there are many who cut their budget too close and create too much stress. Plan right and your cruise experience will be enjoyable, with a lot of fun and completely stress free.