Where To Spend 7 Awesome Nights Without Breaking The Bank

You may have been to tropical beaches, museum-hopped in a few European cities, or drank more than you should. And now, you’re thinking of something a little more modern when it comes to your next vacation destination. The problem is that you’re on a tight budget, and you don’t wan to go breaking the bank just to get away. With […]

8 Affordable Must Do Destinations Around The World

The twenties are the best times for traveling. We are young and broke at this ripe age. Most importantly, we are more than willing to spend a night in a cheap hotel, take the cheapest flights, and survive off of hostel breakfasts and dinner. Our budgets may be low but that doesn’t have to stop us. So, we have compiled […]

7 Magnificent Waterfalls Around The World

Visiting some these waterfalls is an opportunity to view some of the most breathtaking, magical scenery on earth. These natural wonders are filled with such awe-inspiring splendor; which captures the thrill of being alive on earth. We all know Niagara, Victoria and Iguazu and they are amazing indeed. But, we list some of the less popular ones to implore you […]

7 Kid Friendly Vacations That Parents Can Enjoy

Having a good vacation with the family is one of the best experiences you can have in your life! Parents always want to make sure that their children will enjoy the vacation. However, here are some kid friendly vacations that the parents can enjoy as much as the kids do! Grand Canyon – Arizona Not just a gigantic hole in […]

8 Exotic Movie Locations That Exist In Real Life

If watching movies is one of your hobbies, you might want to know the unique locations of some movies. Here are some exotic movie locations in real life. While some may not look 100% like their Hollywood appearance, others are just as majestic, even off the silver screen. The best part is that all of these movie locations are places […]

Cabo San Lucas Is A Must Do Mexico Destination

You know those questions that start, “If you could only take one kind of food to a deserted island …” or “If you could only go to …” Well, if the question was the ladder, and the rest of it was, “ … one spot to vacation once a year for the rest of your life,” you should take our […]

Must Do Cruises For People Under 30

How To Decide On The Right Cruise If You Are Under 30 We get it. Under 30 commits us to a rather large group. If we consider that the under thirties are ladies and gentlemen from 18 to 30, we are looking at fresh out of high-school adventurers and collegiate spring breakers to early work-forcers and honeymooners with even a […]

Must Do Macau – China’s Larger Than Life Boomtown

Macau Isn’t Exactly A Secret, But It Definitely Deserves More Attention Than It Gets Macau is one of those odd places in China, whose modern history is peppered with stories from the Golden Age of Sail. Much like its close neighbor Hong Kong, Macau was a separately controlled province on the Chinese mainland. Unlike Hong Kong, which was controlled by […]