Summer is Coming List of All Destinations

The production “Summer is Coming” by Natural Light Earth is featured on Must Do Travels Page with an inspirational flare to show you that the world is beautiful and you too can explore and enjoy our beautiful planet. Below we have listed all destinations as mentioned courtesy of Grim Berge the producer of this wonderful film. List of all destinations featured […]

12 Amazing Must Do Ziplines Around the World

If you love a good adrenaline rush brought on by high –flying, suspended in the air and gravity defying thrills, zip lining is a must try adventure. Team Must Do Travels is at it again – bringing you the world’s best zip lines. 12. Arenal Park (El Castillo, Costa Rica) Set amidst the planet’s most active volcano until a few […]

Top 10 Must Do Water Parks on Earth

Fret not if you aren’t a beach baby or live on an island but still crave for sometime in the water (less salty and all those other joys). Here are some of the world’s 10 most wondrous water parks that make you go splash happy! 10. Beach Park (Fortaleza, Brazil) Beach Park’s ‘crème de resistance’ is the Insano ride that […]

Top 12 Must Dos in Ireland

Lyrically gorgeous, charmingly ancient and culturally endowed – Ireland is an enchantress all the way! With some of the friendliest folks on earth and a proud heritage, there’s plenty for travelers to take back from this tiny country with a large legacy. Here are team Must Do Travels’ Top 12 Ireland Must Dos. 12. Trinity College, Dublin Its mind-blowing Long […]

Top 12 Must Do Cruises Across the World

Cruise holidays are no longer an indulgence of affluent travelers. There’s something for just about everyone from budget Star Wars themed cruises to child-friendly Disney cruises to wildlife watching voyages. Team Must Do Travels brings you the 12 must do cruises across the world. Well, whatever rocks your boat, we say! 12. Around the World With Fred Olsen This is […]

Super Discounted Airfare to the Maldives Right Now!

Ever dreamt of making a trip to far-flung coastal beauty Maldives but couldn’t because of steep airfare? Here’s the good news. Members only website DealRay had found super low fares to the luxurious tropical island paradise for as low as $526 for a round trip. The discounted fares are available on flights from New York City to Male between September […]

Greek Beach Among Best in The World

A secluded sandy cove on Greece’s Zakynthos Island, Navagio Beach or The Shipwreck, as it’s popularly referred to, remains one of the picturesque nation’s most photogenic coasts. While it isn’t a secret that Greece’s isolated beaches and islands are a beacon for travelers seeking a relaxing coastal expeirence, this one’s truly intriguing owing to the fact that Navagio Beach is […]

Visit Turks & Caicos “Puppy Island” To Adopt a Doggy

Your idea of heaven? Puppies, tropical cocktails and an azure-blue water setting? Not a distant dream anymore as we snoop around and find a slice of puppy heaven right here on earth. An island brimming with puppies (Providenciales in Turks & Caicos) is waiting to welcome you. It houses a sizeable collection of rescued canines waiting to make their way […]