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12 Amazing Must Do Ziplines Around the World

If you love a good adrenaline rush brought on by high –flying, suspended in the air and gravity defying thrills, zip lining is a must try adventure. Team Must Do Travels is at it again – bringing you the world’s best zip lines.

12. Arenal Park (El Castillo, Costa Rica)

Set amidst the planet’s most active volcano until a few years ago, zipping along the dynamic landscape is one of the best ways to experience Arenal Park. The two and half hour journey commences in the open chassis SkyTram, a charming gondola like carrier that elevates riders up the peak. Later, seven thrill-inducing zip lines await intrepid visitors looking for the ultimate high (well, literally), ranging from 656 to 2,493 feet. Watch tropical birds and monkeys while savoring your mid-air excitement.

11. Great Wall of China (Simatai, China)

What better way to take in panoramic aerial vistas of one of the Seven Wonders of the World than go zipping over its magnificent landscape. Located at a three hour’s drive from Beijing, the zip line offers good old-worldly adventure amidst a charmingly rustic setting. Take in unbelievable views of Madarin Duck Lake and a stunning 360 degree vista of the Great Wall.  Thoroughbred adventure – Made in China.

10. Dragon’s Breath (Labadee, Haiti)

The planet’s longest zip line above water, Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is a 2,600 feet line that speeds up to 50 miles an hour, and commences 500 feet over Labadee’s deep sapphire beaches. Experience the dazzling ocean wind in your hair and the breathtaking sea-scape while you seek unlimited thrills in a cushy seat back. Conclude at Dragon’s Breath Rock after a short flight orientation, and custom-created safari vehicle ride.

9. Ziptrek Eagle Tour (Whistler, British Columbia)

Trees smothered with snow, sun soaked mountains and abundant green cover are just some rewards of zip lining over Fitzsimmons Valley. Ziptrek Eagle Tour offers a five line zip lining course topped with four tree enclosed bridges that goes on for three hours. The main attraction is of course the latest zip line spanning 2,400 feet taking off from Whistler Mountain’s Olympic Station at a 3,200 feet rise. There’s also a twist in the tale – you have the option of riding upside down, backwards and with arms-legs open.

8. Icy Straight Point (Hoonah, Alaska)

Icy Straight point is a permanent fixture on the cruise stop bucket list of explorers visiting the region. The ZipRider zip line is touted to be the world’s largest, spanning over a mile, featuring a 1,300 feet vertical drop on a 90-second zip ride. The 60 mph average speed offering zip line can accommodate six riders racing to the bottom on parallel lines. Enjoy jaw-dropping mid-air vistas of tree enveloped mountains and the sea below.

7. Hocking Hills (Rockbridge, Ohio)

You don’t have to venture too far for exotic zip lines when there’s one right in Ohio. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours features the SuperZip that spans a quarter mile with a maximum speed of 50 mph.  In addition to a canopy tour (three hours), there are shorter mid-air excursions, the “Superman” ride, lowering two riders from a forest canopy tower over a cliff and finally – Hocking River. Go night zipping under the star-lit sky on weekends.

6. Flight of Gibbon (Chiang Mai/Bangkok/Pattaya, Thailand)

This isn’t your standard extended, exhilarating ride (zip from treetop platforms). It’s all about absorbing the local culture as part of several adventures and community activities like river rafting, rock climbing, animal safaris and mingling with the locals at a charming home-stay.  The multi-city adventure tour operator contribute 10 percent of their profits towards Thailand’s endangered gibbons and the jungles they call home. Adrenaline rush complemented by a heart that feels good, what more do you need?

5. Zip 2000 (Sun City, South Africa)

Another claimant to the world’s longest zip line spot, Sun City’s Zip 2000 is a staggering 6, 500 feet ride and is second only to New Zealand’s Gravity Canyon in terms of speed. Riders can dangle two by two a la Superman (live your fantasies, we say) from the suspended cable. Witness the grasslands reveal their splendor 1,000 feet under you. The best cumulative zip lining adventure featuring great speed, lengthy rides and spectacular views.

4. Gravity Canyon (Taihape, New Zealand)

Another heady Supermanish adventure at Mokai Gravity Canyon’s Flying Fox. Turn upside down and enjoy the experience of a lifetime zipping parallel to the landscape below you. Running for a good 3,600 feet, it is believed to be the world’s fastest zip line at 100/mph. Fly over the Rangitikel Canyon, while ducking below the bridge and later facing a cliff. Enjoy riding backward and forward, until you’re pulled back in.

3. The Monster (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico)

Named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest zip line on planet earth in 2016, The Monster at Toro Verde Adventure Park spans a mile and half through the captivating Puerto Rican jungle countryside. The 90 mph ride is another feel good activity, as a percentage of the profits are channelized towards battling human trafficking (Ricky Martin Foundation) by Toro Verde. Be a part of the record-breaking adventure!

2. Slotzilla (Las Vegas, Nevada)

This sole urban, year round zip line is unusual in several ways. It doesn’t have the glowing records other lines boast of. However, if does allow riders to catch staggering views of downtown Vegas from 77 feet above ground, minus the crowds (what a relief). Enjoy sweeping views of Sin City’s glittering lights, clinking slots and frenzied party scene. Enjoy this once in a lifetime Vegas strip experience where you’re always the winner.

1. La Tyrolienne (Chamonix, French Alps)

This one will award you some serious bragging opportunities. La Tyrolienne (runs between two ski resorts) in the Val Thorens ski resort, located 10,597 feet above ground, is touted to be the world’s tallest line. Not for the lily-livered, the ride offers a bird’s eye-view of the majestic snow-capped French Alps. The colossal line spans across two exciting snow peaks at an altitude of 3,230 metres. Luxe adventure, French style!