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10 Instagrammable Must Do Vacation Spots

The world is full of majestic places, and so many of them beckon to have their picture taken (though we typically prefer a video). These 10 Must Do Vacation Spots top the list of most Instagrammable destinations around the world. Sure, there are some wonders that did not make the list, and the runner-up section could take on a few more articles of its own.

10 Instagrammable Must Do Vacation Spots

Machu Pichu

  1. Machu Pichu, Peru

    Machu Picchu is one of those destinations on virtually everyone’s bucket list – and for good reason. This iconic, archaeological World Heritage site (designated by UNESCO in 1983) was allegedly built by the Incan people in the fifteenth century, either as a royal estate or a sacred worship site. The precision of the stone construction, which sprawls over five miles, employed a style and technology otherwise unknown to the area. Its existence is so unusual, many feel that there is no way this could have been constructed by humans alone, at that point in history. Whether a man-made wonder or a product of otherworldly intervention remains up for debate; nevertheless, no one can deny its spectacular beauty or fail to marvel at the mysterious splendor.

    Rome, Italy

  2. Rome, Italy

    When in Rome… This city transports you to a distant time, while simultaneously offering more iconic sites than in any other spot on the planet. Immerse yourself in the quixotic and frantic energy of this bustling metropolis. Enjoy the land’s authentic and delectable cuisine. Sample the region’s world class wine – Frascati, a varietal that’s been produced form more than two thousand years. While you are fully sated, visit prototypes of many of the world’s most fantastic architectural achievements such as the Colosseum where gladiators clashed, and the Pantheon, an elaborate “temple of every god.” You will be just blocks away from the magnificent Trevi Fountain and Vatican City, home of The Basilica of St. Peter.


  3. Galapagos, Ecuador

    The Galapagos Islands, home to myriad endemic species popularized by evolution’s first legend, Charles Darwin, must be seen by anybody and everybody on Earth who have the means. It’s endless and friendly cache of wildlife, includes but is certainly not limited to curious seals, playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises are kind to visitors, thanks to a significant lack of natural predators. This 19(ish) island archipelago, sprinkled off Ecuador’s Pacific Coast is a double World Heritage site (land and sea). Each magnificent island boasts its own unique landscape, ranging from barren black volcanic rock to white, pristine sand beaches that bathe in turquoise blue waters.

    Sydney Opera House

  4. Sydney, Australia

    A popular destination for everybody from backpackers to billionaires, Sydney has an experience for every type of traveler. Begin your day with a 3.7 mile walking track leading from Bondi Icebergs pool, past Aboriginal rock carvings and culminating with lunch at at a Coogee Beach seaside eatery. Visit koalas and kangaroos at Taronga Zoo, dare to bridge climb at Sydney Harbour and book tickets to the Sydney Opera House, a 20th Century, architectural masterpiece. You will also discover that “Sydneysiders” take their food seriously, with many of Australia’s most awarded and innovative restaurants peppered throughout the city. Wash the culinary offerings down with the fruits of indigenous wineries including Penfolds, Yellow Tail, Wyndham Estates, Norman and others.

    Barcelona, Spain

  5. Barcelona, Spain

    Cast yourself into the inviting throes of a fascinating mix of cultures and fabled architecture that has marinated to perfection over the last two millennia. A place that has inspired artists such as Gaudi, Dali, Picasso, Miro’ – all of whom have left their indelible mark upon the Catalonian countryside. Iberian visitor mornings include walks along sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches, with afternoons spent traversing towering temple columns, ancient city walls and subterranean stone passages. Enjoy a mid-afternoon siesta because the Night belongs to Barcelona! As the Sun falls, the fun dances into the streets with live music and inviting aromas overcoming the senses. Melt into the fluid moments.

    Paris, France

  6. Paris, France

    One visit alone is scarcely enough to absorb Le vrai Paris. That however, that should not deter you from seeking fine balance of café culture, designer boutiques and a handful of popular attractions spoken as, “touristiques.” Purchase a museum pass and explore up to 60 of the “incroyable” urban museums and monuments without waiting in lines. Gaze at the work of Ce’zanne, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas at The Musee’ d’Orsay – followed by tea at the Palais-Royal Gardens, a hidden gem tucked nestled beyond the walls of a 17th century palace. Then you’re off to tour sacred Notre-Dame or the iconic Eiffel tower for the ultimate selfie. Cap off the day with an twilight ride down the Seine on a Bateau Mouche. Ooh-la-la!

    Shibuya Tokyo

  7. Tokyo, Japan

    The fascinating confluence of rich traditional culture meets obsession for modernity. A neon-lit, sci-fi’esque cityscape of soaring towers is juxtaposed with the Kabuki stage and Shinto shrines culture, inextricably linked by the inviting pink of cherry blossoms. Explore evenings in Shinjuku with sky-high lounges, jazz dens, spellbinding lights, with endless action pumping on, well into the morning hours. While fashionistas must visit Harajuku, a gathering point for the eccentric and tomorrow-minded. Tokyo pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, building taller more elaborate towers in the spiritual center-point of this densely populated land. An ageless city that reinvents itself by the moment.

    Cannes, France

  8. Cannes, France

    Don your biggest sunglasses, long scarf, and hop in a convertible headed for the French Riviera. At playground for rich and famous, there is no shortage of luxury. Every hotel and restaurant, finer than the last, will have you feeling like Cagny or Garbo as you take a stroll down the Promenade de la Croisette, the iconic waterfront avenue adorned with picturesque beaches, eateries and one-off boutiques. Dine al fresco after a visit to March Forville, the incredible open air farmer’s market, featuring virtually anything you could you could ever want to eat – all on colorful display. Or discover the lovely cobbled streets of Le Suquet that wind their way to the city’s apex for a view unmatched. Cannes not only plays host city to the world’s most prestigious annual film festival, but serves as the backdrop for a number of movies including: To Catch A Thief, French Kiss and Femme Fatale.

    Bavaria, Germany

  9. Bavaria, Germany

    Bavaria with the dramatic Alps as a backdrop, is a story-book forest of castles perched high atop scenic mountains. In fact, Schloss Neuschwanstein was the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Postcard perfect, your senses will drink in resplendent scenes – the tinkling of cowbells awash in sprawling clover fields.  The state capital is Munich, a celebrated for its annual Oktoberfest beer festival where grandiose ompah music rises above the din of lederhosen-dressed attendees reveling in the moment frothy steins. The Romantic Road scenic route starts right in Wurzburg and winds south through pastoral villages and walled, medieval towns, finally culminating in the foothills of the Alps near Germany’s southern border. Explore this region which fulfills its promise of “Gemutlichkeit” (contentedness and comfort) at every turn.

    Edinburgh, Scotland

  10. Edinburgh, Scotland

    When you think of Edinburgh, what is it that comes to mind? Golf? Kilts? Or, maybe it’s the incomparable Whisky? Perhaps, it’s all three. Avid golfers gravitate to this bonnie land, home to some of our planet’s oldest and most famous courses. This compact hilly capital of Scotland is charmingly divided into two sections, the medieval Old Town which has preserved much of its medieval street plan and Reformation-era buildings – and then the elegant, Georgian New Town, an area richly adorned with gardens and neoclassical buildings. Perched high above the city are the bold stone turrets of Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s Crown Jewels and the fabled Stone of Destiny used in the coronation of Scottish rulers. It would be safe to say the journey would not be complete, or even worthwhile, without a Scotch Whisky tour. While dining in Scotland was never “the point” of a visit (think Haggis), an influx of innovative chefs have successfully taken Edinburgh beyond pub fare with many popular and exciting eateries to discover.